Top Funny,Interesting And Weirdest Websites To Make Time Pass

Hi,some people will feel alone when they were left out and in those situations,the first thing comes to our mind is phone (or) laptop.If our phone is not with us,then we ran out of choices and the only option is laptop.Now lemme ask you a question,what you do with laptops with out internet connection.I know,it’s very hard to answer because,internet became a part of our daily life and facebook[Facebook Tricks] is our addiction.

Top Funny,Interesting And Weirdest Websites To Make Time Pass

Today,I am introducing some funny,interesting and weird websites which makes you laugh.There are many websites but,I am picking the top list of all interesting websites.I think,now you should leave facebook and whatsapp messenger.

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Top 10 Funny,Interesting And Weird Websites :-

The list consists of all types of websites including funny and weird.So,it’s better to bookmark them all (or) bookmark only this page and visit whenever you need and it keeps on updating when we find some new websites.Kindly drop your favourite website among all the listed websites in comments section below.

1.Clever Bot:-

If you are feeling lonely,then I strongly suggest you this website because,it passes our time with funny and most appropriate answers.I found this website when I was left out in my home and passed 2 hours with this clever bot.The funny part of this website is try abusing the bot in a very bad language and you will find it.

 To Visit Clever Bot Click Here :-  Clever Bot

2. Pointer Pointer :-

This website is awesome and confuses you.My experience with this website is when I used it,I thought like how it’s finding my pointer and displaying it correctly with a hand pointing photo.After some 20-25 trails I have found out how it’s making.Try it and you will find the working principle for sure.

Click Here To Visit :- Pointer Pointer

3. Omfg Dogs :-

Are you a pet lover ? Especially cute dogs,then you will have few smiles on your face after opening this website.I am a pet lover,mostly dogs that’s why I found it awesome.Even,if you are not a pet lover,Just give a try.

Click Here To Visit :- Omfg Dogs

4. Snap Bubbles :-

Have you ever tried snapping bubbles of your gift pack ? If your answer is yes,then you will have some fun time in this website.I have tried snapping all the bubbles but,i left one bubble somewhere in the sheet and i didn’t find it out till now.Hope you will finish the sheet with fun.

Click Here To Visit :- Snap Bubbles

5. Gay Test :-

Test whether you are a gay (or) not by answering some simple questions.More than this,I won’t speak a word because,you should have all fun.I strongly recommend you to go through this website.

Click Here To Visit :- Gay Test

6. Tholman Texter :-

If you want to have some fun with texts,then this website perfectly suits you.In this site,you can write a text and draw it in your own style.The main benefit of this site is we can even save and send our projects.Try this website if you looking for some fun with texts.

Make your friend name (or) Valentine name in a unique style and send them.

Click Here To Visit :- Tholman Texter

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7. Press The Space Bar :-

This will be an awesome tool and you can have ultimate fun.It’s just the space bar race in which you have to press the space bar as many times as you can and there will be two time limit options like 5 sec and 10 sec in which you have to choose one to start the race.

I have pressed 42 times with in 5 sec,what’s your score?? Did you beat me?Comment Your Score Below In Comments

Click Here To Start :- Press Space Bar 

8. Nicest Place On Internet :-

If you are feeling sad (or) tired then,here is the best place to get some love and this website is completely filled with love.If you want adequate (or) infinite love then jump to this site and have fun.

Click Here To Enter :- Nicest Place On Internet

9. Zoom quilt :-

This site shows you an infinite zoom and it goes on.If you want to experience some thrilling feeling then,visit this site and I am sure that you will have some fun.But,the zooming capacity is really superb and we have to appreciate the guy behind this.

Click Here To Zoom :- Zoom Quilt

10. The Last Page Of Internet :-

As the name suggest this website is the last page of the internet.If you want to know what’s gonna get featured on last page of internet,then just dive into the website and have a look.

After visiting that share your feelings with our users using the comments section below.

Click Here To See :- Last Page Of Internet

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Conclusion :-

These are the top 10 funny,interesting and weird websites.There are many websites and i listed only top 10 for our users.Open those websites and have an ultimate fun but,don’t forget to share your feelings on these websites with our users.

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