How To Track Phone Location Even If It’s In Silent Mode

How To Track Your Android Phone Even If It's In Silent Mode

Many times I forget where I kept my phone and keep on searching my whole house.After some time,I will find it by recalling all the previous things I did.In this process,I will loose my precious time and if you are also feeling the same then,today is the last day of this problem.

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Here,we are giving you a method to track your android phone even if it is in silent mode.Many times after coming from college,i will leave my phone in silent mode and it will be more difficult for me to track the phone.So,today we are introducing an application which will enable your phone to ring by sending a small text even if it’s in silent mode.What you are waiting for? Quickly install this application and get rid of tracking problems.If you are suffering from any memory problems,then here is the quick method to track your android phone.

Steps To Track Your Android Phone :-

Follow all the steps clearly and solve this tracking problem easily with in few minutes.The best features of this application are we can set our desired song (or) tune as our alert tone and it also enables alarm even if  it’s in silent mode.These two features made me to go for this application and if you are using any other applications for tracking which are better than these then,kindly do leave your comment below.So,that I can update my users with another best working application.
1. Open Google Play Store  (or) Android Market on your android phone.
2. Search for the application Ring My Droid in the search box.
3. Now you will find an application and Install it on your mobile.
4. After installing,open the application and it will ask you to Enter The Key Phrase where you have to enter your desired keyword which is used to make your mobile ring.
5. After entering the desired Key Phrase click on Set button.
6. That’s it,your mobile is protected with the tracking alarm.If you want to check whether it’s working (or) not,then simply send the Key Phrase to the mobile as a text message.
Note :- Even extra spaces in between the key phrases will not enable the alarm to turn on.
7. Immediately after your phone gets the message it starts Ringing even if it is in Silent mode.
That’s the method to enable tracking for your android phone using an application.If you need some on line earnings then here is the best network which pays you real money with proof and we have also listed best on line jobs for students with out investments

Conclusion :-

Using this android application you can easily track (or) find your phone with out any recalling’s.I have used this application and it’s features are awesome mostly,tracking the phone in silent mode is the best feature of this application.If you are facing any memory problems,then this is the best solution we can provide for you to track your phone easily.The two best features of this application made me to go beyond this and if you are aware of any other application better than this,then please do leave comment below.
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