How I Promoted My Blog Post And Reached 4,500 Views With New Blog

How I Made My Post Viral And Reached 4,500 Views With New Blog

Hi friends,after a long time i am writing my experience on this blog again.First of all let me tell you all the improvements i made on my blog and the results achieved for the improvements.

1. First and foremost point is I made my blog alexa rank below 190k which is a biggest achievement for me with in two and half months.

2. I spent $2 as an investment on my blog till now.

3. I got 2,200 facebook page likes and 6,000 facebook week reach for my experiment page and in my next post I will share all the details (Kindly note that it is an experiment page with some name and not official allbesttricks facebook page )

4. I made $50 last week and hoping to increase my earnings in next week.

These are the key important points for my blog and i am jumping to the main point on making your post viral and getting 4,000 + views for a single post.First,lemme answer the basic questions you might be thinking

What Are The Sources Of Traffic ?

Simple and straight answer it’s only google for the post I have reached 4000+ visitors.I never promoted this post on my social networks and other media.

How You Get Huge Traffic From Google ?

This is a bit difficult question to answer and i don’t want to bore you with an answer “Search Engine Optimization”.I will tell you what you can do to rank your post.I have seen many bloggers who answers the question with a single term SEO and leaves it but,I will explain you how i did SEO to my blog and ranked on first position of google.Yes,you read it right I am ranking on first position of google.

                                             Check here if you don’t believe me 

I have already written a post to explain you how i ranked my post on google.First read this then only you can understand what i am talking about.

Social Networks I Used To Get traffic To My Blog :-

I also use social networks for many posts but,i haven’t used for this post.The main networks i use to promote my posts are

* Facebook -First and best way to drive huge traffic.
* Google Plus– I get most of my foreign traffic from here
* Triberr – To reach many authors and bloggers
* Twitter – I am not an expert in driving traffic from this,but I am learning

These are the main networks i use and apart from these I comment on some blogs (I don’t follow any blogs to comment,I comment on relevant content)

Things I Made To Rank On First Page Of Google :-

These are the things I did to rank my article on google first page.Daily I will get 150 page views to this post daily from only google.So,if you rank well for more keywords then your traffic will have no limits.

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Created Individual Backlinks :-

I took a lot of care while creating these backlinks.I did competitor analysis using this method and found out the backlink sources.I listed all the backlink sources (List of do-follow backlink sources) and separated the spam backlink sources from the list.

You may think like how to find spam backlinks ? the answer is very easy,if every one has dropped a link of their blog in the source,then today (or) some day later google will penalise the blog for sure and it ultimately leads to the bad SERP rankings.So,spend some time and create 5 quality backlinks instead of making 1000 spammy backlinks.Here is the post on how i made 430+ Quality backlinks with in a month.

Article I Recommend :-

* How To Get A PR 8 Do-Follow Backlink
* Does Link Building Necessary For A blog To Rank

Updated Regularly :-

Update your content regularly,because google loves fresh content and gives first preference to the updated articles.I don’t ask you to re-write the content just,add or delete some content from the post and update it.It’s recommended to add a paragraph to your content for getting more traffic.See here how i added content to my previous post

Shared It In Social Media :-

Now a days social media plays a key role in bringing huge traffic.Social media also adds Seo value to your blog. Some websites will solely depend on social media and gets huge traffic.I have seen that many pro-bloggers are the owners of big facebook pages and they hire someone to update regularly.By this,you can understand how important is social media and how big role it’s playing in bringing traffic.If you are an average blogger,4000 views for a post is normal to you but,it may be huge for some newbies.

Content Quality :-

Always remember content quality is the king and never neglect content.Make a content that is worthy reading and sharing. If you see famous bloggers like neil patel,iftekhar ahmed and many others they have never compromised with content quality.Even if the article crosses the 2000 words,they never care about that.I don’t suggest you to make every post lengthy but,make every post sufficient and informative.The most important thing is write error-free articles and check your post at least 2 times before publishing.I have seen some bloggers write a content with many errors and they won’t spend time to check their own content but,I can say that it’s worthy spending time on checking.Here is the Method I use to check my content grammar and errors

For example a post on “How to download videos on line” may not cross 600 words.Just leave it and don’t make it lengthy to 900 words.Try to maintain a word limit of at least 500 words for every article.

These are the things I followed to get on to the first page of google but,there may be many other methods so,try to follow all possible methods.

Conclusion :-

Blogging is never been an easier task but,a passion towards learning and blogging only makes you to continue your blogging career.If you are for money,better quit this job and try some investments.

If any one says blogging is the easiest way to earn money on line,then they are lying.   

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