How To Make Beautiful Collages,Posters Online Easily

Hello friends,today I am gonna write about Making beautiful collages,Posters and Covers. Many of you might have interested in making collages on friends birthdays and parents anniversaries. So,today I am providing you a source to make collages easily with awesome editings. Yes, I mentioned editings because many collage makers lack these options and fails to beautify your collages.

If you are a fan of collages then I am suggesting you the best way to make them in a easier way. I mostly do collages for my sister birthday or my parents anniversary and the tool I used till now is mighty picasa. Many of you might be familiar with picasa and I have used it till now and not gonna continue further because it lacks in templates and filters. So, I have switched to fotojet from picasa to make my collages more beautiful and I hope that you will also love it more than me.

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Why I choose fotojet??

I have chosen fotojet over Google’s product picasa because it’s worth using it. I have described it in just one word and I think it’s enough to describe its awesomeness. The featured which made me to use it are 650+ templates and all are unique. Picasa is just meant for online syncing of photos and small edits. I highly suggest you to use fotojet for making your collages and posters. You can also make some beautiful facebook covers and add more attraction to your FB profile.


How To Make Collages And Posters Easily :-

As I said earlier it is very simple to create a collage and it hardly takes a minute. Just follow the step wise detailed procedure and after the last step your collage will be ready.
1. Go to and click on Make Collage button.
2. There are also many samples available to provide you better understanding.
3. First of all,I recommend you to visit samples page such that you will get a clear ida on how to make them. 
4. After that go to make collage section and start adding your photos.
5. You can also edit text colour,size and font by clicking on it. More over,you can also add some filters to your photos and make them look amazing.
6. After adding all your photos click on save icon which is available at the top of your collage.
7. It will not ask your email (or) any other stuff to download it. Awesome right and that’s one of the reason I am in love with it.
Here is the small poster I made :-

Some key features of the app:-

• Choose from 320+ templates for collage, photo card, poster and social media to get started.
• Add photos and freely customize the collage as you wish.
• Freely save collage as JPG/PNG or directly share it via Facebook.

Fotojet has a chrome extension which will make our work much easier and hope they will soon launch an Mobile application.


If you are really looking to make some impressive collages then go for fotojet and if you just need a collage which is not much important then go for picasa. There are also many offline and online collage makers but I didn’t find any perfect substitute for fotojet. Mean while,I have seen many sources which will ask you to register in order to download your collage and some will even ask you to pay $$ to download collage in good resolution.

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