How To Increase Likes On Facebook Pages

Many people have tried to increase their Facebook page likes and left that page after many updates.So,today I want to target on how to increase Facebook page likes and get massive traffic (or) following in Facebook.

Remember many pro bloggers are the owners of huge Facebook pages and gets massive traffic from their pages.One day I thought of increasing Facebook likes and checked all the strategies of many huge pages and after that I found these :-

* Many Pro bloggers posts are seen on many pages with million likes
* I have seen many famous bloggers are promoting their pages using Facebook ads (Think for a minute,why they are spending money on increasing Facebook likes and engagements if there is no use)
* Most Pro bloggers are making pages with most common names and under funny niche.For example, I have seen a blogger who is the owner of a page “Safe Tricks” with 5 million likes .

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How To Increase Likes On Facebook Pages

After looking at all those I started one page on celebrity and failed to get huge likes because,i don’t know what to do at that time.After many trails I left that and started creating content for my own blog. One day,I suddenly noticed that there is a huge increase in Facebook likes to 951 from 240 and I was amazed to see that and I was like “I didn’t do any thing,how come these page likes increased ?” and the next day it went to 1564 likes and numbers are changing day by day.Now,I started looking back and posted 3 posts then it reached to 2000 likes.After this,I want to know the reason behind sudden increase in Facebook likes.Here is the screenshot of my experiment page likes and reach with in a week.

increase facebook page likes

Now,I checked all the statistics and found some awesome things.Here are the points for you

Things To Do To Increase Your Facebook Likes :-

These are the things you have to follow in order to get huge Facebook likes for your pages and do remember that fake likes from addmefast (or) some other alternatives will not help you to drive traffic because,all those profiles are made to like some pages. They don’t even open Facebook through that profile.

Facebook Advertising :-

Facebook advertising boosts your page reach and makes your page visible to your targeted people.I highly recommend this method if you are planning to invest some money on Facebook. If you don’t like to invest not even 1$ then,you can go with all the other methods I explained below. But, Facebook advertising will help you to get more likes with in less time and it costs very less for a like.

Ask Your Friends To Like And Share :-

Yes,you read it right this will increase and boost your page reach.I have done this and increased my page likes to triple.I don’t tell you to ask continuously just tell them to like and share all the posts from your page if possible.

 First 1000 Likes Are Important :-

This is absolutely correct and I believe that first 1000 likes will bring another 1000 likes with in a short time.If your page is in full swing with more reach and engagements then,take it as an advantage and continuously add some posts to increase the likes.

Keep On Posting New Updates :-

I think every one knows this,you must be updating your page dialy atleast 2-3 posts so that you can increase your facebook page likes.New posts will get more shares and likes.Always do remember that unique posts will get good response from your fans (or) users.So,stay active and increase your users.

Imran Uddin,A Pro Blogger from India also said that he depends on social media for his blog traffic,because we cannot predict Google animals and algorithms.

Timing Is Important :-

Many newbies wont follow this point and they will neglect this aspect.Remember the time which you post matters a lot and trust me i have observed the difference in post reach of two posts which i posted at different times.
To make use of timing,see at what time your most users are on line and post at that time.To check these follow these steps
* Open you page
* Click on “insights” which will be at the top header
* Now you will see the post reach at different times in a week.

Make use of this and post in proper timings.

Note:- There is also a buzz that facebook promotes your page if you leave it with out action for long time.I also have got huge likes with in short time with out any activity on my page and don’t depend on this because,we can’t trust this as it is not an official information.

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Don’t add blog posts :-

Many bloggers will start a Facebook page of their blog and starts promoting their blog posts only.Yes,I am also doing the same on my allbesttricks page as I don’t have time to post other stuff. But,this is a very wrong approach and imagine if you are going through a Facebook page with full of only blog posts,will you like that page? Obviously your answer will be a BIG,try to provide them some thing useful,productive (or)at least humour so that they can like your page.

Tag Your Friends :-

Tagging your friends will increase the post reach and engagements so,obviously your likes meter starts scrolling.This is the one of the best methods to increase your Facebook likes but,care for your friends feelings.If they don’t like a tag,leave it don’t loose friendship for Facebook likes.

Steps To Tag Your Friends In Posts Of Your Facebook Page :-

Many people have asked me about this and they have reported that they don’t find a tag button while posting.So,here are the steps to tag your friends (or) big pages on your posts.

1. Open Facebook page and post some photo (or) picture.

2. After publishing the post,click on that image,now you will find an option like tag friends click on that and tag your friends in that post.After you finish tagging,click on done tagging button

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Use Hash Tags :-

Many of my friends suggested to use hash tags to increase your posts virality,but I never realised that hash tags helped me to increase Facebook likes.Why to leave an option unused? Use them and make some good engagements on your post

Schedule Them Properly :-

If you don’t have a time to post in an appropriate time then,schedule them using the schedule post option in Facebook and your post will be automatically published at the time you set for publication. Remember this scheduling will helps a lot for user engagements.

Never Buy Likes:-

There are many services which will offer you 5000 likes for 3$ (or) 2$.But,my personal suggestion is never go for them and they don’t last for long time.I have experienced it and I lost all my paid likes slowly with in 10 days.

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My Experience(Bitter) :- I have bought a service of 1000 Facebook likes for 1 $ and he made it with in a day and i thought it was awesome.Next day,I have posted a post on my page and to my surprise,there are 0 engagements with 0 likes on that post.Next day I started loosing my likes and finally came back to the original likes.So,my suggestion is never buy likes from those gigs and they will just provide some inactive Facebook likes which will not be useful at all.

Add Widget To Your Blog (If You Have) :-

Adding widget enables all your users to like the Facebook page for latest updates and it also helps to increase your Facebook likes.So,if you want to add the widget to your blog then add this simple code to your template.If you are using blogger, go to Layout –>Add widget–>HTML/Java Script and paste this code you get from this plugin.
                                           Facebook Developers-Like Box Code

Deal With Some Big Facebook Page Owners :-

Yes,this is the best one to increase your Facebook likes.Just find a huge page on similar topics and ask them to pin your page on their page wall in exchange with some money.You can also approach them like “I have a Facebook page with 50,000 likes and can we both exchange our likes by posting my page in your page and your page in my page

If you have any huge Facebook page,then do let me know so that we can exchange some likes.


These are all the methods I used to increase my Facebook likes from 240 to 2400 with in a week and the service of 1000 likes which is bought is not for this page.Use all these tricks and increase your Facebook likes but,do remember that Facebook has a capacity to bring 2 lakh visitors in a day and one of my friend has got them for his event blog. All these are the best ways to increase fb page likes.

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