How I Got Indexed On Google First Page With In 3 Days

Getting indexed on google first page matters the most for website owners.If we get indexed on first page,then we will receive a huge organic traffic from google. Many event niche blogging sites will get huge profit if they get indexed on first page for one day,but it’s different for long term blogs. Today,in this post i am concentrating on long term blogs. We will teach you how to get indexed on Google with in a short period of time.

Before going deep,you should know some FAQ’S

search engine optimization tips to get on the first page of google gaurenteed

UPDATE (Jan 26th 2015) :-

Hi friends, I have been thinking from long time to update my rankings and now,i have finally found some time to update this article.
I have followed only the same steps and commented on some sites for backlinks (Here is the list of do-follow backlink sources).After making them i have made some individual backlinks to my article by following this competitor analysis method.

That’s it..Now you can check my ranking for the keywords like “How to hack school wifi” , “hack school wifi” and many other keywords.I am ranking in first position beating zdnet and wikihow. Here is the latest screenshot of my rankings

search engine optimization tips to get on the first page of google

How Google First Page Works?

For this question,i am gonna answer it straight.To be indexed on google,keywords and niche are more important.Domain authority and alexa rank are secondary,even alexa rank with more than 5 lakhs will appear on first page some times.This clearly states that google doesn’t consider alexa ranking as a main priority.One more thing that google doesn’t give preference is your blog age ,even new blogs can be ranked on first page if the blog has good content

Things I Followed To Get  On First Page Of Google:-

Below are the best techniques I followed to rank of first page of google. But,Remember that these are some of the ranking factors which plays a crucial role in your blog SERP Rankings.

Good Content:-

Google first preference is content,even if you have one post and it is of good content quality,i can assure you a place on google first page for sure.If you are not sure of your content quality just comment below,i can help you with those aspects.

Social Media:-

Google mostly prefers the site which has more social appearance and shares,if your content gets viral on social media you are gonna rank on first page for sure.My suggestion is be active on facebook groups,reditt and google plus
Google plus (+1’s) are more important,as google plus is from google company they give much preference to the post with more +1’s

For Good Social Media Presence-


Using proper keywords with content rich post will surely stands on first page of google,do some keyword research using keyword planner and add some keywords in the content.But,don’t go for keyword stuffing which comes under spam.Google may penalize your blog for that.

What Is Keyword Stuffing?

Many of you might have known this,but for newbies i am explaining this topic.Key word stuffing is nothing but stuffing all the keywords at one place.My suggestion is use kewords only when they are necessary but don’t go after them.
To be simple,Keyword stuffing is repeating the same keyword many times unnecessarily

Didn’t Cared About Rankings:-

As I already mentioned don’t care about the alexa rank much in the starting stages of your blogging career.Because this rank won’t add any special features in google indexing

Blog Commenting:-

This technique is the most important technique which made my two days old site to rank on first page of google.Comment on as many blogs as you can,there will be no problem of excessive commenting and i feel it’s worth commenting

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Still You don’t Believe that i got ranked on google first page with 2 days old blog..
Here are the proofs-

search engine optimization tips to get on the first page of google gaurenteed and how to get website on first page of google

You may feel that most part of the search query is in domain name only,So here i am posting another proof with another keyword ranked on first page in fourth position.

search engine optimization tips to get on the first page of google gaurenteed and how to get website on first page of google

Follow all these technique first page of google is guaranteed ,if not contact me using the comments section so that I will guide you in a proper manner.

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