Trick To Get $30 Into Your Account Through Affiliate Marketing

trick to get $30 bonus for free through affliate marketing
Hi friends,today I am gonna guide to earn your first money using affiliate networks.I have earned $70 in my first month of blogging on technology niche.Sounds great then go ahead and read my full guide on affiliate marketing
Affiliate marketing has been growing in india rapidly now a days.Previously,affiliate networks are not interested in accepting Indian blogs but,now they are accepting Indian blogs and bloggers are making huge money out of them

First let me explain what the affiliate marketing is and how it works??

Affiliate marketing  is nothing but making some sales and getting money.To be brief,you sell some thing to  your customers and your seller will pay you some money for selling his product

Types Of Affliate Marketing:-

There are three types of affiliate marketing

Cost Per Lead:-

Cost per lead generally involves getting data.This method is nothing but,you make some sign up’s (or) collect some data like email address and some other details and the seller pays for the collected data.

Cost per action:-

This generally involves any action like clicking (or) filling a form (or) purchasing.Whatever the action may be,they will pay you for the action.This offers are rare but,fetches you some money because,even a free sign up might bring you some $$.

Cost Per Sale:-

Cost per sale involves selling a product to your users.If a user purchases a product through your link,you’ll be paid for that purchase.Most companies offer 10%,20% or 50% on sale
You might feel boring on reading all these..You might have known all these before but,here I am writing for newbies and they need everything in detail.If you’re a pro then,go ahead your content is coming next.

Steps To Get Your First $25 In Your Account

1.Create an account through this link, Everyone should go through this link in order to get you $30 activation bonus.Fill the form and enter your details and if you don’t have any blog just tick the option with no blog.If you don’t have any blog choose (or) as your domain with your profile

For example:- (or)

                                      All Best Tricks $25 Free Coupon Link 

Note:- I have tried all affiliate programs and this affiliate program is found to be the best affiliate program.So i am suggesting this for my users and if you have any doubts feel free to contact methrough the comments section below.

2.After you sign up using your blog/with out a blog,go to your accounts section and update your payment information in order to receive your payments.This affiliate program directly deposit the money in your provided bank account number if you are from india.

3.Find out the “merchants” tab and go to “Search for merchants” tab

trick to get $30 bonus for free through affliate marketing

4.Now it displays a list of available merchants who are going to pay for affiliates leads and sales. There are many merchants who pays you huge for a sale. 

trick to get $30 bonus for free through affliate marketing

5.Now go for “pay per lead” tab at the top of the page and click on it

trick to get $30 bonus for free through affliate marketing

6.Now you will redirected to the merchants page who are paying per lead.There will be many merchants and you have choose among them wisely according to your niche.

7.After this click on “keyword” and search for “grammar” in the search box

trick to get $30 bonus for free through affliate marketing

8.Here,is the main step and you will find “grammarly inc” at the top of your results and apply for that affiliate program.After you apply for this program kindly drop your mail address below in comments section

trick to get $30 bonus for free through affliate marketing

9.After you apply the application will be in pending mode and once it is approved,you will get an activation bonus of $25

10.Just add that code/banner in your blog and you will be paid an activation bonus
Extra Tip:- There are many more programs which will pay you an activation bonus of $25 and more.If you want all those list of programs just drop your mail address in side bar and comment below.

11. After you get approved you need to place banner ads on your site for activation bonus.Happy blogging and have fun.Hope you liked this article,socialize it and show your love on us 
Feeling confused,don’t hesitate to drop your comments below.!!