Top And Best Social Bookmarking Sites List 2015 {Do-Follow}

Hello friends, I am not finding time to write some articles on this blog and after a week again I am writing on this blog. So,today I want to write an useful article about Best Social Bookmarking Sites List 2015. I think many of you know about these social bookmarking sites and if you don’t know about them then here I will give a brief explanation of those sites.

What Are Social Bookmarking Sites ?

Social bookmarking sites are the sites which are used to submit our articles to their users. These bookmarking sites will increase the traffic of your blog. If you are a web master (or) blogger then these are one of the best traffic driving sources and if you want to know some latest news then you can get them through those sites because all website owners will submit their articles. Some of the best examples of these sites are Reddit, Stumble upon and digg.

Top and free social bookmarking sites list 2015

Best Social Bookmarking Sites List 2015 

Below are the list of best social bookmarking sites with high Page rank(PR) and good domain authority. In addition to this,most of the below listed bookmarking sites are the do-follow sites which will provide backlinks for you. But,Remember that spamming these sites will leads to blocking. Just post daily 1 to 2 posts rather than spamming them with many links per day. There are more than 1000 social bookmarking sites but,I have listed the ones with high page rank and good domain authority.
1.                                                 PR  9
2.                                                 PR 9
3.                                                    PR 8
4.                                         PR 8
5.                                                 PR 8
6.                                               PR 8
7.                                                      PR 8
8.                                                     PR 8
9.                                                     PR 7
10.                                             PR 7
11.                                              PR 7
12.                                            PR 7
13.                                            PR 7
14.                                                  PR 7
15.                                                PR 7
16.                                              PR 5
Above all are the high PR social bookmarking sites and even I don’t have accounts in all these ones but, I recommend you to do because,these may add some value to your blog and bring some new eyes. Bookmark this page for future reference and we will be updating the list whenever we find some new sites.
Here is the list which I follow and submit my blog posts. I haven’t selected them in the order of PR and I picked them randomly. My list doesn’t have high PR social bookmarking sites but,I highly recommend you to add your blog posts to above list. I am not finding much time to do all those works to add in all bookmarkins sites so,I made a small list of sites and submit to them.
3. (Banned my account then made another and posting)
5. (I tried it but,they never published my posts so left it)

These are all the social bookmarking sites I usually use and there are some others which I use rarely but, they are also from above list only. Many of the above links might not provide do follow backlinks but,their authority will help you a little bit boost in rankings.

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Conclusion :-

I strongly suggest this method instead of doing some spammy backlinks which ultimately leads to penalty. Never go for such a spam links because,they might help you now but they will completely take you down on one day. In order to prevent that situation your backlinks must be of good quality. I have seen many blogs ranking on first page of google with almost 50 backlinks. So,if you are thinking of a long term blog avoid those backlinks and make it from social bookmarking sites. Moreover,your content also gets you some natural backlinks which will boost your rankings alot. These are all the best social bookmarking sites list of 2015. Stay tuned for more latest updates.
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