Best Free Plugin For Affiliate Marketers- Click Meter

Many of you might want to know the full analysis of your traffic.Even if you use google analytics (or) some other tool to track your traffic,there will be some disappointment on what traffic is converting leads and which post is getting more clicks.Many web masters have thought about this and developed a tool for wordpress blogs to track the traffic performance of blogs for free.

Here is the review of Click Meter and it’s awesome features for wordpress blogs.We can say that this click meter is the best tool for link tracking,Conversion tracking,Content tracking and many other tracking features.

What We Can Do With Click Meter ?

Click meter will help you to get to know about your traffic.Just install this plugin in your word press blog and take complete control on your traffic.Using this,you can track full traffic of your blog easily.

How Click Meter Works ?

Click meter works on the simple algorithm like destination link will be converted to tracking link. There is nothing complicated principle behind this plugin.

For Example :- If your destination link is then,the new tracking link will be provided to this link like new link is traceable and can track number of visits,unique visitors.leads and many other.Download Click Meter Plugin From Here

Personal Experience :-

I have used this tool in one of my wordpress blogs and tracked which traffic is converting more leads. After I found out the source from where I am getting more leads I did some hard work on the source and tripled my income with in a month.This is the most awesome plugin which i don’t want to loose and recommend to all my users.

In the above screen shot,there is a clear explanation of each and every column.I think this screenshot will teach a lot more than my words.This is not from one of my blog’s and I am bit lazy to edit each and every row in detail so,I downloaded this image from their official site.

Click Meter Offer Five Different Profiles, You Can Select The Best Suited One.

* Agencies
* Affiliates
* Advertisers
* Publishers
* Developers

Price And Costing :-

As i said earlier,this plugin is for free up to the tracking of 100 articles and if you want to get more from this click meter then you have to go for premium subscription which starts at $19/month.There are some discounts currently for this plugin,so grab it immediately.

                                             Don’t Wait-Sign-Up For Free Now

Best Features Of Click Meter :-

Click Meter offers wide range of features for their users and moreover it’s Unique features makes you stick to the plugin for long time.

* Redirection Of Your Traffic
* Track Your Traffic
* Analysing Your Traffic
* Monitoring Of Traffic
* Independent Sections Of Traffic.


If you are into affiliate marketing,then this is the must have plugin for your blog.I strongly recommend this plugin for your blog to increase your earnings.Moreover,it’s better to get a longer premium version as this plugin is worthy.