Best Way To Manage All Your Social Media Accounts/Profiles

Hello friends,I am writing again after a long time and in this article I am providing you the best way to manage all your social media accounts in a single platform. Many people have thought about that and some people made it possible. I have seen many celebrities facing the problem of managing multiple social […]

How To Increase Likes On Facebook Pages

Many people have tried to increase their Facebook page likes and left that page after many updates.So,today I want to target on how to increase Facebook page likes and get massive traffic (or) following in Facebook. Remember many pro bloggers are the owners of huge Facebook pages and gets massive traffic from their pages.One day I thought of increasing Facebook likes and checked all […]

How To Disable/Stop/Block Facebook Game Requests

Many people might get terrible anger when their facebook feed (or) notifications bar is full of facebook game requests.I personally feel very angry when i get those requests from some people and I think like “why they are inviting me,can’t they play alone”. At one point of time I shouted at my friend for sending […]

How To Open (or) View Locked Profile Picture In Facebook-FB Tricks

Facebook keeps on providing more security to their users.On the other side,web developers are also busy in finding bugs in facebook network.Recently,facebook has provided an option to hide (or) lock profile picture in their facebook wall.Because of this security feature,no other users can click on profile picture (or) view profile picture as a photo.This option […]

Secret Trick To Drive Huge Traffic From Stumble Upon- With Interests List

Hi friends,many of you might have faced some problems to drive traffic from social networking site stumble upon.It is known that many bloggers will concentrate more on facebook only,it’s just because they don’t realize the power of stumble upon and other social networking sites.They completely neglect other sites.If you do so,it will be the biggest […]

Tricks To Drive Huge Traffic From Facebook To Your Blog

Many people will just write the quality content and leave it to search engines.Sorry,you are absolutely wrong and google has not made that kind of search engine till now.The only way to get traffic from your blog is social media at the early stages of your blogging career. Facebook helps a lot for promoting our […]

How To Get A Verified Badge On Facebook Pages

Getting a verified facebook page gives us a lot of happiness and also makes us to feel like a celebrity.Facebook has been established very well and got vast number of users across the globe,so they have implemented verification badge on pages in order to differ the real celebrities from fake pages. Facebook verification process is […]

Facebook Trick To Add All Friends In A Group At A Time

Many of us may felt boring when they tried to add all his/her friends to a common Facebook group. Today,we are presenting you a trick to add all your Facebook friends to one group with in a few seconds of time. I also felt very much bored when i added all my friends into a […]