How To Make A Ghost Keyboard Typing On Your Computer

Yes,you read the title right.Ghosting keyboard is nothing but the keyboard with automatic typing of words with out your interference.This trick will be very much useful to amaze your friends and family members.Just follow our steps and make “Ghost keyboard” easily with notepad. Previously on our blog,we have written about the keyboard disco,automatic shut down […]

Computer Pranks: Turn Your Keyboard LED’s Into Disco Lights

Felt amazed,after reading the title but yes,we are going to teach you how to turn your keyboard into a crazy disco lights combination.We have tested this trick in windows xp/7/8 and it’s safe to use.Every keyboard will have caps lock light,number lock light and scroll lock lights.Now,these three LED lights are gonna make some disco […]

How To Shutdown PC/Computer With Timer Using Command Prompt

Want to shut down a computer/PC using a command prompt..Then you have landed in the right place to learn that,here we will teach you how to make some tricks using command prompt.In previous post,we have explained all the tricks in notepad,consider reading it if you need more tricks to amaze your friends and speaking with […]

How To Make Your Computer Speak And Greet Using Notepad In Windows

Many of you are not aware of the tricks and magics we can do with notepad on your computer.Every one considers notepad as a just typing platform.Apart from this,notepad can be used in many ways.We can make our computer talk using a script.Doesn’t it sounds cool,then what you are waiting for go ahead and make […]