“This Video Is Not Available In Your Country” (Top Fixes)

YouTube, one of the biggest video sharing and streaming platform in the world have billions of users, but there are some users who faces a common problem in it and that is getting this video is not available in your country error or the uploader has not made this video available in your country error. Though you […]

How To Root Android Without Computer PC Using APK

When it comes to mobile operating systems, Android remains on top for the best and preferred mobile OS. It is highly customizable, flexible and there are hundreds of apps available for it. Though android is already flexible and you can customize it according to your needs, but there are some people out there who looks […]

How To Resize Image Without Loosing Quality

People hate to visit websites which require more time for loading. So one must always seek to Improve the website load time,In order to do that you have to look at many things like loading sources, page cache, media files etc. one among such is media file is images , which are very important in […]