Best Tools to Clean Your Laptop/ Computer For Free

Hello Friends,today we are writing a detailed guide on How To Clean Your PC (Laptop) using tools. We have collected some best and awesome tools to make your computer super fast,Yes we are gonna make it faster than ever. Just try our tools and share your experience and we have many positive experiences with these […]

How To Enable Copy/ Paste In Command Prompt.

Today we came up with the new tweak which is very useful for all the user especially for the programmers. Now let us start learning how to enable copy/ paste in command prompt. Many times I thought of copy and paste in command prompt which will help us a lot when we are trying to […]

Best And Unknown Windows7/8 Keyboard Short Cuts

Many people do some sort of show off using the keyboard short cuts. I am not against this show off and of course this show off is needed to prove yourself as a computer kid. If you also thought of doing that, here is the complete list of windows 7/8 keyboard short cuts. Also Read […]

How To Make Your Own Google Chrome Theme For Your PC

Many of you may got bored with the same theme in your Google chrome browser. Today, we are presenting you a trick to Make Your Own Google Chrome Theme For Your Laptop/ PC. If you are not a chrome user,then no problem we will add those tricks very soon,Stay tuned and chrome users you can […]

Top Funny,Interesting And Weirdest Websites To Make Time Pass

Hi,some people will feel alone when they were left out and in those situations,the first thing comes to our mind is phone (or) laptop.If our phone is not with us,then we ran out of choices and the only option is laptop.Now lemme ask you a question,what you do with laptops with out internet connection.I know,it’s […]

How To Delete Cookies From Your Internet Browsers

Today,we are going to show how to delete cookies on your browser.In this tutorial,we are going to show the steps of deleting cookies in internet explorer,google chrome and mozilla firefox browsers.First of all,cookies are the small data files which are used to store the data in your computer browsers.These cookies will be storing all the […]

How To Hide Local Disk Drive Partitions Using Cmd

Hi friends,today we are going to show how to hide your hard disk (or) local disk using commands in your computer.This trick is used to just hide the local disk and the hidden local disk can be retrieved back whenever we want our local disk data. I better recommend you to keep all your stuff […]

How To Make A Ghost Keyboard Typing On Your Computer

Yes,you read the title right.Ghosting keyboard is nothing but the keyboard with automatic typing of words with out your interference.This trick will be very much useful to amaze your friends and family members.Just follow our steps and make “Ghost keyboard” easily with notepad. Previously on our blog,we have written about the keyboard disco,automatic shut down […]

How To Set Password To Protect Microsoft Word 7/10 Documents

Many times we feel that the data in our computer (or) system is insecure.So,today we are trying to protect your files by providing a little bit of extra security.Just follow our steps and protect your files. Imagine if your close friend comes to your room and browse your laptop and opens all the files which […]

How To Reset Windows 7/XP/8 User Passwords With Out Knowing Old Password

Many people might want to change the windows user passwords after they have given access by their brothers (or) sisters.I have found this trick when my sister didn’t gave me a password to my computer at home.After a lot of research i have found this trick and used it on my computer and now my […]