Best Free Mobile Talk time Earning Apps

Hi friends,today we are going to list the top talk time earnings for mobile users of android,ios and windows.All these listed apps will work on all kinds of operating systems.Don’t worry on running out of balance,just download these apps and get instant talk time for free.The only thing you need to get these apps are just a mobile with internet connection.

List Of Apps Which Will Give Free Talk Time Earnings:-

1. Earn Free Talk Time:-

Earn free talk time is one of the best apps to get free on line recharge.Just download this app and complete the offers and get paid.This application works well on all major operating systems.The only drawback or limitation with this app is that we can withdraw/Recharge after you make 20 (or) 50 (or) 100 rupees only.There is no instant recharges at every point.

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2. Ladoo:-

Ladoo is also the similar application like earn free talk time,here also you will assigned some works and get paid if you complete those tasks.These tasks include downloads,clicking and many other.The main advantage here is it is reliable and easy to use.More over,this application doesn’t require any registrations/sign up’s.

3. m cent:-

M cent is growing very fast now a days and it is also available for both web version and mobile version.This application offers the best prices in market.The best bonus here is refer others and get 50 Rs. talktime and on an average you will be paid of 15 rs for every task.This application includes surveys,polls,opinions and other tasks.

4. Free Plus:-

Free plus is also one of the best app for online recharges.This app is newly launched one but most trusted.This offers a low rates compared to other apps,if you consider getting extra recharge then go for this.It offers 5 rs for every referral you make through your id.

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5. Pocket Money:-

Pocket money is also an another great application for instant recharges.It also follows the same modes of payments like other apps.It pays you for tasks,referrals and signup bonuses.It has also the best user interface and friendly data base.


Installing an app doesn’t makes you money,completing the tasks matters here.So,get the app and complete all the high paid surveys and tasks to get more talk-time.Some applications may pay per download,if you have enough memory just download it,install it and delete it.They won’t matter whether you are using (or) not.They just consider download and pays you for that.

Happy Recharges.If you feel i have missed out anything comment below and let others know about your favourite applications.