Google To Launch Nexus 5 (2015) and Nexus 6 (2015) On September 29th?: Everything You Need To Know!

The new Google Nexus 5 (2015) and Nexus 6 (2015) are supposed to be launched in the end of September as the rumours speak. According to a CNET report, the new Nexus 5 and a bigger Nexus 6 will be released soon at an event at San Francisco on 29th September reportedly. 2015’s Nexus 5 […]

How To Hide Local Disk Drive Partitions Using Cmd

Hi friends,today we are going to show how to hide your hard disk (or) local disk using commands in your computer.This trick is used to just hide the local disk and the hidden local disk can be retrieved back whenever we want our local disk data. I better recommend you to keep all your stuff […]

Trick To Get A Free Top Level Domain And 10 GB Hosting

Hi friends today i am gonna reveal the trick to get a free domain with 10 GB hosting.I have found this trick very much useful,therefore sharing with all my users.This free domain is a top-level domain which includes, .com, .net, .org, .biz and other top level free domains.In this trick we are also gonna […]

Most Online Trusted And Reliable Shopping Sites

Hi friends, I got some messages asking whether this site is genuine (or) not. So,I decided to write an article on genuine and most trusted on-line shopping sites which will help you to prevent some spam sites looting money. I have listed all the top and reliable on line sites for your shopping and all these sites are […]

Top And Best Blogging Niches To Start A New Blog

Blogging became viral in online communities and many people are very much interested in blogging now.But,my suggestion is if you are starting a blog only for money it’s better not to waste some money on purchasing domains.Blogging with passion automatically generates huge income and fame.I don’t want to list these blog niche categories based on […]

How To Increase Your Blog Traffic Rapidly

Blogging became a passion for many people around the world.Even celebrities are using  blogs to update their fans.If we consider the vast blogging world,we cannot survive with out some certain specifications for blog. As per the recent survey, 25% of the people who started their blogs have been quitting the blogging world with in 3 months as […]

“This Video Is Not Available In Your Country” (Top Fixes)

YouTube, one of the biggest video sharing and streaming platform in the world have billions of users, but there are some users who faces a common problem in it and that is getting this video is not available in your country error or the uploader has not made this video available in your country error. Though you […]

Best Way To Manage All Your Social Media Accounts/Profiles

Hello friends,I am writing again after a long time and in this article I am providing you the best way to manage all your social media accounts in a single platform. Many people have thought about that and some people made it possible. I have seen many celebrities facing the problem of managing multiple social […]

Facebook Trick To Add All Friends In A Group At A Time

Many of us may felt boring when they tried to add all his/her friends to a common Facebook group. Today,we are presenting you a trick to add all your Facebook friends to one group with in a few seconds of time. I also felt very much bored when i added all my friends into a […]

How To Enable Copy/ Paste In Command Prompt.

Today we came up with the new tweak which is very useful for all the user especially for the programmers. Now let us start learning how to enable copy/ paste in command prompt. Many times I thought of copy and paste in command prompt which will help us a lot when we are trying to […]